GNS3 on Azure 03: Configure GNS3 Internet Connectivity

High-Level Steps Create a TAP interface on the GNS3 server Configure IP forwarding and NAT Configure your lab environment to use the TAP interface ai. Create TAP interface on the GNS3 server A TAP interface is a virtual network interface Documentation → Release Notes → v2.0 On GNS3 Server Create and configure tap interface (non […]

GNS3 on Azure 02: Use Sophos Appliances in GNS3

High-Level Steps Explore the GNS3 Marketplace To use 3rd party images, we will usually need a GNS3 Marketplace appliance file and the software image provided by a vendor The appliance file defines the QEMU environment that the image will run on and the images needed Download the GNS3 appliance for the Sophos UTM Download the […]