Azure Architect Demo Series 2 – Deploying Resources with Azure Resource Manager

 Pre-Requisites N/A Lab Instructions Exercise 1: Create Resource Groups Tasks 1 and 2: Create a Resource Group using the Portal GOAL: To create a resource group called “MOD02STOR“ in the “East US” region using the Azure portal Azure Portal → Create a resource → Resource Group → Create → Create Name: MOD02STOR Location: […]

Azure Architect Lab Series (1) – Setting up the Lab VM

 Pre-Requisites An Azure Account with a valid subscription Azure Pass OR Azure Free Trial OR MSDN OR Pay As You Go No production accounts as scripts will be wiping resources from the environment 1. Deploy Windows 10 VM a. Windows 10 Pro, Version 1803 Standard_D2S_V3 or Standard_D4_v3 (preferred) Name: 20535A-SEA-ARCH RG: azurelab-rg Username: Add […]