Microsoft Ignite 2019 Announcements – Day One

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Azure ARC

Azure has Azure Stack for on-premises DCs; AWS has Outposts to bring AWS services to companies’ own DCs; Google introduced Anthos, to let companies run Google cloud software in their DCs. Azure Stack is available. Neither Outposts nor Anthos is available yet. Now Azure has Azure ARC to extend to other cloud infrastructure. 

There are some renaming going on also! Azure Stack is the name of the all up strategy for Microsoft’s Hybrid 2.0 strategy (which now includes managing other clouds from Azure with Azure ARC). Azure Stack’s new name is now Azure Stack Hub; Azure Stack DataBox Edge is now Azure Stack Edge. There’s still Azure Stack HCI to run high performance VMs on-premises that can access Azure Services.

Azure Synapse Analytics

Announcing Azure Synapse Analytics (Data Warehousing with Big Data Analytics brought together). Azure Synapse Analytics vs AWS RedShift vs GCP BigQuery

Azure Quantum

Announcing Azure Quantum with open hardware (IONQ, Honeywell, QCI partners) and open software (Q#; QDK; 1QBit)

Azure Migrate Updates

  • Web apps migration experience now available in Azure Migrate.
  • Azure Database Migration Service hybrid mode (in preview)
    • Azure Database Migration Service hybrid mode is now in preview. It uses a migration worker hosted on-premises together with an instance of Database Migration Service running in the cloud (the “cloud service”) to manage database migrations.

Azure Functions Updates

Azure Event Grid Updates

Azure Networking Updates

Azure API Management Updates

  • New Azure API Management developer portal GA
  • Azure Arc enabled API Management (in preview)
    • Allows customers to leverage a self-hosted API gateway, that expands API Management support for hybrid and multi-cloud environments and enables Azure customers to efficiently and securely manage APIs hosted on-premises and across clouds from a single API Management service in Azure.
    • In other words, management plane in Azure but data plane is private

Azure CosmosDB

Azure CLI

  • The latest version of the Azure CLI contains several exciting new features across the Azure platform including networking command, native support for Azure Data Lake Storage Gen2, and SQL serverless database support, in addition to others.

Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS)

Azure Virtual Machines

  • Azure Bastion now GA
  • New Azure Dav4-series and Eav4-series virtual machines now GA
    • Based on AMD EPYC™ (General purpose and memory intensive compute categories)
  • Gen 2 VMs now GA
    • Available features include Intel Software Guard Extensions (Intel SGX), support for large VMs (up to 12 TBs), and the ability to provision OS Disks sizes that exceed 2 TBs.

Azure Database for PostgreSQL

Azure App Service

Azure SQL Database

  • UTF-8 support now GA
    • Allowing more options to companies extending their businesses to a global scale, where the requirements of providing global multilingual database applications and services is critical to meet customer demands, and specific market regulations.
  • Microsoft Data Migration Assistant support for SQL Server 2019 now GA
    • The latest release of Data Migration Assistant provides support for SQL Server 2019

Azure Container Registry

  • Azure Container Registry OCI artifact support now GA
    • Customers can now store content formats such as Helm charts, OCI Artifacts and images built to the Open Container Initiative (OCI) Image Format Specification, in addition to Docker containers images in ACR
    • Use a single unified registry for all container related artifacts, whether those are Docker images, Helm charts or OCI Artifacts.

Microsoft Edge

Announcing New Microsoft Edge browser

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