GNS3 on Azure 02: Use Sophos Appliances in GNS3

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High-Level Steps
  • Explore the GNS3 Marketplace
    • To use 3rd party images, we will usually need a GNS3 Marketplace appliance file and the software image provided by a vendor
      • The appliance file defines the QEMU environment that the image will run on and the images needed
  • Download the GNS3 appliance for the Sophos UTM
  • Download the GNS3 appliance for the Sophos XG Firewall
  • Download the GNS3 appliance for Ubuntu Desktop
a. We can download and install appliances
  • Firefox (TinyCore)
    • Right click desktop → SystemTools → Control Panel → Network
    • Right click desktop → Applications → Screen resolution

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