Azure Architect Lab Series (1) – Setting up the Lab VM

 Pre-Requisites An Azure Account with a valid subscription Azure Pass OR Azure Free Trial OR MSDN OR Pay As You Go No production accounts as scripts will be wiping resources from the environment 1. Deploy Windows 10 VM a. Windows 10 Pro, Version 1803 Standard_D2S_V3 or Standard_D4_v3 (preferred) Name: 20535A-SEA-ARCH RG: azurelab-rg Username: Add […]

Deploy Azure Stack On An Azure VM (Part 2)

Post-Installation Configuration Contd (Approx 1 hour 20 mins) Follow the instructions on this link to register Azure Stack with the Azure market place For the Azure AD login in the instructions here, use your normal Azure AD admin account and not the Azure AD user account that you created earlier (as this account does not […]

Azure Firewall Review

Azure firewall is a new managed, cloud-based network security service in Azure that offers stateful native firewall capabilities for Virtual Network resources. The main advantage is that it has built-in high availability and scalability being a managed service. Announcement July 12 2018 – Preview Announcement Documentation Preview features Stateful firewall as a Service […]

Deploy Azure Stack On An Azure VM (Part 1)

 Pre-Requisite Request extra CPU quota from Microsoft support for the region that you are looking to use You must have a minimum of unused 16 vCPU quota at a minimum for the DSv3 or ESv3 VM series Default quota limit is 10 vCPUs Create a new Azure AD user with Global admin rights For […]