Azure Storage Options

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The Azure storage account service is “sort of” a parent service that supports multiple “sub-services” for different types of data and use cases. The different services that an Azure storage account can provide are below:

  • Blob
  • File
  • Table
  • Queue
  • Data Lake Gen2

The services that we can use with an Azure storage account depends on a combination of two choices that we make during creation

  • Performance Tier (Standard or Premium)
  • Account Kind

It can be sometimes difficult to understand which services are available based on a combination of these two choices so I decided to put them in pictures in a way that it can be easily understood what services are available based on your choice. The section below starts with the different options for the Standard performance tier and then the different options for the Premium performance tier. Enjoy!

Standard Storage Accounts

a. Storagev2 (General Purpose v2)

b. Storagev2 (General Purpose v2) with Data Lake Storage Gen2 Enabled

c. Storage (General Purpose v1)

d. BlobStorage

e. BlobStorage with Data Lake Gen2 Enabled


Premium Storage Accounts

a. Storagev2 (General Purpose v2)

b. Storage (General Purpose v1)

c. BlockBlobStorage

d. FileStorage


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