Exercise 1: Create Resource Groups
Tasks 1 and 2: Create a Resource Group using the Portal
Task 3: Create a Resource Group using the Cloud Shell and Azure CLI

[code language=”bash”]
az –help
# we have groups and subgroups
# subgroups includes different azure resources, services or components

az group –help
# shows the actions/commands that we can perform on this subgroup

az group create –help
# shows the different arguments, global arguments and examples

az group list –help
az group list

az group create –name MOD02APPS –location eastus
az group list

Exercise 2: Deploy a Minimal Template
Task 1: Deploy a Storage Account ARM Template

[code language=”bash”]
"$schema": "https://schema.management.azure.com/schemas/2015-01-01/deploymentTemplate.json#",
"contentVersion": "",
"resources": [
"apiVersion": "2015-06-15",
"name": "[concat(‘stor’, uniqueString(resourceGroup().id))]",
"type": "Microsoft.Storage/storageAccounts",
"location": "[resourceGroup().location]",
"properties": {
"accountType": "Standard_LRS"

Task 2: View Deployment Metadata
Exercise 3: Deploy a Simple Template
Task 1: View ARM Template
Task 2: Deploy App Service ARM Template
Task 3: View Deployment Metadata
Exercise 4: Cleanup Subscription

[code language=”bash”]
az group delete –help
# shows the arguments that we can use when deleting a resource group

az group delete –name MOD02STOR –no-wait –yes
az group delete –name MOD02APPS –no-wait –yes

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