David Okeyode

Cloud Solutions/Security Architect – 3xMCSE | AWS SA-Pro | MCT | VCP | CCNP

Disclaimer: I currently work for an IT security company based out of the UK and the opinions on this site are mine only and not that of my employer.

I’m an experienced Cloud Solutions/Security Architect who enjoys studying, working with and discussing everything about cloud technologies and Next-Gen network/security concepts.

I currently work with the following technologies: Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud Platform, EMS, Microsoft Intune, O365, Network/Digital Security, Sophos UTM/XG, AWS, Advanced Powershell Scripting, Chef, Puppet, Ansible, Terraform, Splunk, DataDog, Solarwinds, Python programming, Bash scripting, Jenkins and many others.

I regularly host different meetup groups focusing on Microsoft solutions (especially Azure), AWS, Next-Gen networking concepts on Google+ with more than 1700 members. My YouTube channel is https://www.youtube.com/user/asegunlolu/videos

Azure hangout is my contribution back to the wonderful Azure community that I’ve learned a lot from over the past 5 years. Most of the information on this blog are interesting Azure topics that I’ve not seen covered in the community, issues that I’ve faced as I work with Azure day to day and solutions that I found for them, general Azure topics that interest me and that others may struggle with. My aim is always to take away any complications associated with the topics that I cover and make them simple for the common IT gal/guy to digest.

Feedback is always appreciated!