GNS3 on Azure 03: Configure GNS3 Internet Connectivity

High-Level Steps Create a TAP interface on the GNS3 server Configure IP forwarding and NAT Configure your lab environment to use the TAP interface ai. Create TAP interface on the GNS3 server A TAP interface is a virtual network interface Documentation → Release Notes → v2.0 On GNS3 Server Create and configure tap interface (non […]

GNS3 on Azure 02: Use Sophos Appliances in GNS3

High-Level Steps Explore the GNS3 Marketplace To use 3rd party images, we will usually need a GNS3 Marketplace appliance file and the software image provided by a vendor The appliance file defines the QEMU environment that the image will run on and the images needed Download the GNS3 appliance for the Sophos UTM Download the […]

GNS3 on Azure 01: Setup GNS3 on Azure

 Welcome to the first blog post in this new series on GNS3 in Azure. The first part of this series will cover how to setup GNS3 on Azure. I’ll share with you what works and what doesn’t so that you don’t have to waste your time finding out. I’ll then cover how to add […]